Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get your order ready to ship.
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Estilo "Mary Jane" perfecto para la temporada de primavera-verano. Con este modelo tus pies se sentirán libres y a la vez seguros para ir donde quieras con ellos! 

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La piel teñida a mano puede variar en color y textura. Las fotos y las muestras son una referencia.


El pedido se envía una vez finalizado el producto, aprox 6-8 semanas tras la realización del pago

Suela :  "Zero drop ", flexible y adaptable , zona amplia para los dedos. 

Material upper: Piel de cabra de curtición vegetal libre de cromo, en color natural, sin tintes previos.  Gran resistencia y durabilidad, además de alta flexibilidad.

Teñida a mano: color base y decorada con sombreados, por la parte exterior de la piel. Los tintes empleados son tintes al agua, de bajo compuesto orgánico volátil. El interior queda completamente al natural, evitando todo tipo de alergias y toxicidad en la piel.

Ficha técnica

Material Upper
Piel cabra curtición vegetal
Vegetal (sin cromo)
Material suela
Cuero vaqueta o Sintético
Teñido a mano. Tinte bajo C.O.V

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Melissa P

My First Order From Gea Soles - Will Definitely Not Be My Last!!

I received my beautiful Yrsa flats today. I was quite nervous ordering them online and wondering I I got the measurements correct. They fit perfectly and they are wonderfully soft and comfortable. Beautiful, high quality leather as well. I am putting in another order as soon as I can. Thank you Esther!


Not Dissappointed

Went out on a limb to do a custom made order. My very first one and I have to say it went pretty well. Shoe is all leather. Soft on the inside and plenty of room for your toes. For me personally the width is great. Wide toe box is the way to go. At first, I was worried about it not having any extra room from the measurement I gave for my feet but I was reassured that it would have plenty of room apart from my personalized measurements. I have two options for my shoe. I can either wear them with an insole or two depending on how snug I want them to feel :) or just go without. Didn't think I would like these shoe as much as I do, but I actually do (laughter). The only issue I have is the strap being attached from the inside of the shoe instead of the outside because it rubs up against the arch of my feet making the wear not comfortable. To solve this problem though, I place band aide over them which makes it much more wearable. Regardless of this I think the shoe is lovely. Thanks for making my pair.


Beautiful shoes!

My shoes fit like a glove and are incredibly comfortable. I wore them for a whole day first wear and forgot I had them on. I feel very grounded in them. Esther was so helpful putting my mind at ease about my worries (I have quite square feet and so far only have had a good fit in barefoot shoes with Freet). The colour Esther mixed for me is spot on. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

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The prettiest "Merry Jane" ever

In my review of the Seith I mentioned some of the special qualities of the Gea Soles shoes, and of course the Yrsa has them all, too. But with the Yrsa I want to stress its beautiful design. It's so very pretty, and you can go crazy with the gorgeous colours if you feel like it. I'm currently waiting for my second pair, and I want even more in different colour combinations. <br /> The other thing I love about the Yrsa is that my feet don't sweat in them. The raw leather Inside feels good even on the hottest days. These are my favourite summer shoes and great for travelling, too.<br /> <br />

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Nicki F


My third pair of gea soles and I just ordered my fourth.... They‘re just lovely, comfy and brilliant.

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KNUT Blue Ocean-Medium Brown Stock

-Color de la piel: Ocean Blue-Coffee / Color del hilo: Claro
-Talla: para pies entre 24.2-24.5m de largo y 9-10 de ancho / Volúmen normal (HOW TO MEASURE Size Guide)
-Suela: Crepelina 3mm

* Si estás interesad@ en este producto y quieres más información, contacta por email a info@geasoles.com


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