Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 10 weeks to get your order ready to ship but be aware that handcrafted products are subject to possible production delays
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Classic design shoe with laces. 

Colour customisation

Don't forget to save your colour customisation
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  • 250 char. max
8 weeks approx (handmade products are subject to possible production delays)



Measure your feet following the SIZE GUIDE page






Hand-dyed leather products may vary in colour and texture. Photos and samples are just a reference


Orders will be sent when the product is finished. Waiting time is around 8 weeks.

Sole: Zero drop, flexible & adaptable with roomy toe box.

Upper: Vegetable tanned calf leather , chrome free. Natural color, without factory dyes. High durability, strength and flexibility.

Hand dyed: Base color and  decorative shadows on full-grain side are hand dyed.

Water based dyes with Low Volatil Organic Compounds (Low V.O.C)

The flesh side, in contact with skin, is completely natural, which guarantees the lack of toxic and allergenic compounds to the skin and body.


Data sheet

Upper material
Calf leather chrome-free 1.5mm
Hand dyed. Low V.O.C dye

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Esther was so great when it came to inquiring about foot measuring and delivery date. The shoes are so beautifully made. Highly recommend purchasing from this shop!

Andrea Hüttermann

The perfect everyday shoe for spring and summer

The Seith are easily the most comfortable shoes I've ever had on my feet. The are lightweight, soft and flexible, and have moulded themselves around my feet like a second skin. Walking in them is pure joy.<br /> At the beginning, I was worried that the fine leather would not last long, but I was wrong. The shoes are actually very durable and are still in good condition after LOTS of use. Of course, they have some creases and scratches now, but they only give the shoes even more personality. <br /> I love how easy they are to care for. I just wipe them down with a moist cloth, and now and then I treat them with some oil. <br /> These shoes are truly a minimalist's dream. Thank you, Esther, for your beautiful work and excellent customer service.


Absolutely beautiful and comfortable!

I´m very happy with them. The hand-dyed color looks lovely, and best of all, they are really comfortable. First aesthetic barefoot and grounding shoes I could find (I choose leather sole option ). I´m sure I´ll come back for a second pair.

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Semi-boot for training with laces.


COWHIDE SOLE: Freedom of movement (foot pivot, for example). Appropriate on medium friction surfaces (it can be slippery on low friction surfaces)


RUBBER SOLE: Lower freedom of movement , more sticky sole. Appropriate on low friction or slippery surfaces.



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