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                       MINIMALISTA PURO O BAREFOOT



Benefits of




We need to know the conventional footwear features
in order to understand the Pure Minimalist / Barefoot benefits .


Currently, modern footwear is moved towards being more fashionable and isolate us from the environment around us, so it creates foot problems like: osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and knee and hip pain, as well as joint and muscle damage.

One of the reasons of that problems is the full block of motion of the foot joints and nerve feedback from the feet.  


Some nerves interpret the shape of the ground depending how feet bones are bent at 33 different points (joints). This creates a mental image in the brain (similar to how dolphins use their sonar to avoid obstacles).Wearing shoes prevents any motion in these joints (except the ankle) and leaves the shoe-wearer “blind” to the environment.

Furthermore, our feet and body physiognomy and biomechanics are  perfectly capable to support and move us without having problems or suffering injuries. But then, it is necessary to let them working according to his natural design, without interference.

We can manage this by letting our feet as much freedom as possible, by wearing shoes which doesn´t affect its biomechanics. In other words, being as close as possible to barefoot.



 At present, conventional footwear is mainly characterized by:

-Heel elevation:

Common shoes always have some difference in elevation from heel to toe, where the heel is elevated, which forces a heel strike. As a result, we have a heel impact, which is not designed to absorb the foot strike, and therefore, the shock is mostly absorbs vertically throughout the body : ankles, knees, hips, spinal column... it causes painful and severe problems. Ankle sprain is an usual problem.                                         

-Thick and stiff sole: 

Modern footwear soles can´t adapt or bend to foot movements because of his cushioning materials and shape (like the arch support). It could look like something positive, but it is just the opposite: foot is forced to press on points that are not designed to, creating an unnatural foot strike and weakened muscles, which generates a variety of issues.


-Narrow toe box:  

It is very common to find shoes with narrow shoe tips, but if we look at our feet, is it like that? No, it is not. It is very important to let toes place themselves correctly inside the shoe, so the foot strike in every step is correct and natural.


-Excessive layers and seams:

This makes stiffer soles and uppers, and it prevents the natural movement of the foot.




What the Pure Minimalist / Barefoot footwear properties are?


-Zero drop sole (zero elevation from heel to toe).
-Thin, flexible and adaptable sole.
-Roomy toe box
-Simplicity in designs and materials    


Thanks to all those qualities, pure minimalist or barefoot footwear lets our feet to step with a natural foot strike, like being barefoot.


In conclusion, that kind of footwear allows walking in a natural way,
strengthening feet and improving the whole body function :correcting body balance point and posture, releasing tension on joints...


A great improvement for our health.