Every pair of shoes is handmade and it generally takes around 6 weeks to get your order ready to ship.  

If you have any question, please contact by email info@geasoles.com


Gea Soles products are made with high quality vegetable tanning leather, it has natural properties, but this material needs some maintenance and care. 


To maintain and extends the useful life of the product, it is recommended to clean and apply some *conditioner  to leather occasionally. It also gives a slight waterproof effect to the leather:



The conditioning of the upper depends on the frequency of use. If it is a daily use footwear, it should be conditioned once a month (just an approximation). 

Leather sole

Leather soles let us get the great benefits of  grounding   but it is a natural material exposed to a heavy use and needs some care and precautions when wearing it. Maintenance is made applying a leather conditioner, just like the upper, but more often. For example, for a daily use, the soles should be conditioned once a week or once every two weeks (again just an approximation).     

Be aware that it is not recommended to use it on wet surfaces, so it can get slippery and damage the material, shortening his life. It is not recommended the extended use on abrasive surfaces like gravel or stone, because it can wear away the sole prematurely. 

For indoor use, we should note that polished surfaces can get slippery.


*The conditioning can be done with commercialized products for leather care or with natural products like oils or animal fats and wax. Wax is recommended for a more waterproof leather.