Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 10 weeks to get your order ready to ship but be aware that handcrafted products are subject to possible production delays
If you have any question, please contact by email info@geasoles.com





Gea Soles make custom shoes based on the measurements provided. You will be asked for your foot measurements and the size of the shoes will be chosen according to them.

The shoes are made from shoe-lasts which have 3mm difference in length from one size to another and there are four different *widths (every width changes in width and volume) for every size, therefore, there is a broad range of possible sizes for making the shoes.

The extra space in length is usually between **0,5-0,8cm depending on the rest of measurements and the model. Be aware that Gea Soles shoes don't need the regular extra space of 1-1,5cm like other brands and **0,5-0,8cm of extra space in length is completely enough for the shoes to fit well. 

*Before placing the order check the "Max. and min. foot width recommended" chart shown in this page, please.
**This extra space may change depending on the width and volume of the foot. For example, in the narrowest sizes, the extra length may be 1cm approx. because the hieght at the toes is lower.







It is important to measure your feet (both feet) according to the instructions below WITHOUT ADDING EXTRA MILLIMETERS. Sizes will be chosen according to the measurements provided and the shoes will have the necessary extra space to fit well.

LENGTH AND WIDTH: We may have one foot bigger than the other and it usually doesn't make any difference, but if you find more than 3mm difference in length and/or width between both feet it is recommended to make a different size for each foot. In this case, write both measurements in the order. 

REST OF MEASUREMENTS: In the case you find 5 millimeters difference or more between both feet when measuring the instep, ball of foot and/or ankle circumference, you should indicate both measurements in the order too.






Take both measurements, length and width, parallel to the sheet (as in the image). If you measure at angle, you will be adding extra millimeters and the shoes will probably be too big. 
Follow the instructions below to take the correct measurement, and if you have any question, don't hesitate to ask by email (info@geasoles.com)











Gea Soles shoes are suitable for feet from 21.8cm to 29.7cm long.

You should measure the maximum length of your feet, from the heel to the longest toe, with a straight line perpendicular to the wall:

- You will need:

  • 1- A paper 
  • 2- A pencil
  • 3- A book
  • 4- A rule or meter 



foot measure step 3.jpg




1- Place a paper on the floor against the wall, and place your bare foot (no shoes or socks) on the paper.

Make sure your foot is perpendicular to the wall and the heel touches it slightly (not tightening). 




foot measure step 2.jpg




2- Take a book and place it on the floor, parallel to the wall, touching it slightly with the longest toe of your foot.





foot measure step 3.jpg



3- Remove your foot carefully so you don’t move the paper or the book and mark with a pencil where the book is placed. The book should be parallel to the wall






    foot measure step 4.jpg



 4- Measure the distance from the mark to the wall. Make sure that you are measuring as straight as possible.













Measure your foot width horizontally across the ball of the foot, as in the image. You can use the same method used to measure the foot length (book-wall method).



                      foot WIDTH 1.jpg                                            




Once you get your foot length and width, look for your foot length range in the chart below and check which would be the minimum and maximum recommended width. This chart is a guidance to know if your foot is too narrow or too wide for the shoes to fit well.

In this chart you will find the foot width recommended for a good fit, but take into account that it is based on average measurements and it can vary depending on the foot morphology or the wearer preferences for example. If you have any question, don't hesitate to ask.










Measure your instep circumference as in the image. 

You can measure your instep circumference using a measuring tape, or if you don't have one, use a cord and measure the section with a meter or a rule after.



instep HORIZONTAL.jpg










Place the measuring tape (or the cord) across the big and little toe joints to measure the ball of foot circumference. 











 In some models, you will be asked for your ankle circumference. You should measure it UNDER THE ANKLE BONES. 

Place the measuring tape or the cord under both malleolus to measure the ankle circumference.         














For any doubt or comment, feel free to ask by email   INFO@GEASOLES.COM