Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 10 weeks to get your order ready to ship but be aware that handcrafted products are subject to possible production delays
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Gea Soles dedicates a special section to the practice of Historical Fencing or H.E.M.A


The fundamental aspects of Gea Soles shoes are Pure Minimalism / Barefoot, with a sole leather option and his completely handcrafted production with high quality material. Those qualities are really important to achieve an adecuate footwear to the practice of this martial art.




Flexible and adaptable sole and upper

It lets the feet to move freely and without restrictions without the need to be truely barefoot, being able to perceive the environment and the ground you step in.

That is the reason there is a great improvement in movement and confort in the practice of some activities and martial arts.


Leather Sole    

In Gea Soles you can select the leather sole for all our products, and it is especially recommended for Historical Fencing / HEMA, for the reasons listed before.

The sole leather was commonly and thoroughly used in the past, and it will let you move freely on the ground.


Greater Adaptability

The sole is adapted to the foot easily, feeling it as an extension of itself.


Low friction

The friction of those soles are lower than the modern rubber soles, so the foot is not stuck on the ground. The movement is more natural, light and fluid, letting the fencer a higher quality of footwork needed for this activity.

See recommendations of use


Maintaining the historical qualities of the shoe lets a greater marcial activity, loyal to the original martial art.



100% Handcrafted 

That is the reason the qualities of the product are improved thanks to the careful selection of the materials, great flexibility and adaptability, high quality and healthy leather and dyes.


Historical Fencing practice with proper shoes with historical performance and historical properties is essential to achieve a fluid, light and precise training, with less injuries, and faithful with the period fencing treatises.