Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 10 weeks to get your order ready to ship but be aware that handcrafted products are subject to possible production delays
If you have any question, please contact by email info@geasoles.com




Materials used in Gea Soles are selected by its comfortability

as well as its impact on health


 All manufactures are made with high quality leathers and respectful dyes for skin and body.





The uppers are made with soft and supple vegetable tanned leathers (chrome free), natural colour (non dyed or finished to be hand-dyed and finished later) , so they are chemicals and heavy metals (like chrome) free.





Sole options:



Cowhide leather sole is around 3.5mm thickness, it has good adaptability, flexibility and allows Earth connection: Earthing / Grounding. Low grip and low abrasion resistance

We should be aware that leather is a natural material that needs some care and maintenance. Also, it is not recommended to be used on wet surfaces , so it can slip and damage leather after prolonged use on those surfaces.



Rubber sole can be used over wet surfaces without slipping and harm the material. It doesn't need any care or maintenance. Rubber sole is not conductive, so it doesn’t allow Earth connection.

There are two rubber sole options: Vibram Safe Walking 4mm and Vibram Tank sole 4.5mm

  • Vibram Safe Walking (XS City) 4mm : Excellent flexibility. Good ground feeling.  Good grip (specially indoor, on wet and oily surfaces) . Medium/high abrasion resistance.


vibram safe walking 2 reducida.jpg

 vibram safe walking.jpg 



Vibram Tank sole (Morflex) 4.5mm:  Good flexibility. Good ground feeling.  Good grip. Medium/high abrasion resistance.





Leather is only dyed on the outer side (grain), so dyes are not in contact with skin. The inner side (flesh, in contact with skin) is natural, without dyes, therefore, it can’t fade or leak dye or causes allergic reactions or makes the skin to absorbs harmful chemicals.

Dyes used are Low Volatile Organic Compound (Low V.O.C). They are no toxic for skin and body, and are respectful with environment.