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One important practice we lost in time

is the connection with the Earth: Earthing / Grounding




It is a consequence of our isolation with the environment, our homes and our synthetic soles worn when we step outside which cancel that connection


The human body has his own electromagnetic charge, which must be balanced to achieve a healthy state. We need to connect with the Earth to balance this charge.

Earthing consist in the constant energy exchange  between our body and the Earth. The Earth is charged with negative electrons (good for our body) and as soon as we connect with it begins an energy flow, exchanging our positive charge (bad for our body) generated by the environment and electronic devices, high pollution and synthetic materials, so it is restored to natural voltage and vibration.

It can  be wrongly seen as a trivial effect, but the possitive charge generates a worsening effect on our body and health, creating diverse symptoms as inflammation, headaches, fatigue, blood viscosity, and sleep deprivation / insomnia, to name a few.






-Optimal function of our immune system and improvement of our blood flow / viscosity, which translates to diverse positive effects.
-Perfect synchronization with biorhythms, or circadian rythm, and other physiological processes.
-Helps to calm the parasympathetic nervous system.
-Relieve pain, lowers inflammation.
-Improves sleep time.
-Accelerates recovery times after and during exercise.
-Reduces catabolization of muscles (loss of muscle tone).



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More related links here:  http://www.earthinginstitute.net/research/


The practice of Earthing is very important for our health and it doesn’t require any effort or investment. Being barefoot in places where there is direct contact with the Earth or some conductive material like in ground, grass, a park, beach, inside the sea or river, even a tile floor or concrete floor (asphalt is not very conductive).            



We all know it is not possible to walk barefoot everywhere due to some limitations in our modern society.

A good alternative is to wear soles with conductive properties like a leather sole. Footwear made with a sole leather not too thick is a really good solution to stay connected to the Earth.



Gea Soles lets you choose a leather sole in every product, maintaining the right processes to achieve
the needed connectivity to the practice of Earthing.