Every pair of shoes is handmade and it generally takes around 6 weeks to get your order ready to ship.  

If you have any question, please contact by email info@geasoles.com

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    Tarian II


    Women closed toe sandal with anckle fasten with one buckle. Really breathable style for hottest weather. The new version of Tarian gives more protection to the upper leather thanks to the sticht-down sole construction.

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    Semi-boot traditional style with laces.

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    Söldner II


    Slashed shoe inspired by medieval Landsknecht shoes of 16th century. The double buckle fasten improves the fitting of the shoe and gives it an extra singularity.


    COWHIDE SOLE: Freedom of movement (foot pivot, for example). Appropriate on medium friction surfaces (it can be slippery on low friction surfaces)


    RUBBER SOLE: Lower freedom of movement , more sticky sole. Appropriate on low friction or slippery surfaces.



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    Classic design shoe with laces

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     Original design with side laces, casual or sport.

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    Classic design shoe with laces. 

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      This low-cut boot is an all-around style, with which you will enjoy the unique comfort of Gea Soles's shoes.

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    Exclusive design with retro style.

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    Simple design shoe with laces