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Discover all handcrafted creations of Gea Soles, casual or sport.        

All products are handcrafted, oriented to PURE MINIMALIST / BAREFOOT style and with the leather sole option to have all benefits of EARTHING / GROUNDING.                 

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    Beautiful "Merry Jane" style for spring-summer time. This light and comfortable model will make your feet feel free and secure to go everywhere.

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    Women closed toe sandal with an ankle strap fastener . Unique and beautiful design and really comfortable, light and breathable style for hottest weather.

  • KNUT Blue Ocean-Medium...
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    KNUT Blue Ocean-Medium...

    €136.36 -20% €109.09
    -Leather colour: Ocean Blue-Medium Brown / Thread colour: Light
    -Size: Feet between 24.2-24.5m long and  9-10cm wide / Regular volume  (HOW TO MEASURE Size Guide)
    -Sole: Tank Vibram sole 4.5mm


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    This ballerine flat is the ballet flat version of the Merry Jane Yrsa. The toes "cleavage" is rounded and more pronounced. Dressy and comfy.

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    This is the factory dyed leather version of our traditional Knut boot. The leather is factory dyed all the way through instead of hand-dyed.

    Thanks to the super soft leather and the lightweigth of these boots you will forget you’re wearing shoes.

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    The Seith is a great all-year-round shoe, it is easy to match and to put on, and you will enjoy all the attributes of the pure barefoot shoes. The Seith Lite is made with factory dyed leather (all the way through).