Every pair of shoes is handmade and it usually takes 6-8 weeks to get your order ready to ship.
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Discover all handcrafted creations of Gea Soles, casual or sport.        

All products are handcrafted, oriented to PURE MINIMALIST / BAREFOOT style and with the leather sole option to have all benefits of EARTHING / GROUNDING.                 

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    Beautiful "Merry Jane" style for spring-summer time. This light and comfortable model will make your feet feel free and secure to go everywhere.

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    Women closed toe sandal with an ankle strap fastener . Unique and beautiful design and really comfortable, light and breathable style for hottest weather.

  • KNUT Blue Ocean-Medium...
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    KNUT Blue Ocean-Medium...

    €136.36 -20% €109.09
    -Leather colour: Ocean Blue-Medium Brown / Thread colour: Light
    -Size: Feet between 24.2-24.5m long and  9-10cm wide / Regular volume  (HOW TO MEASURE Size Guide)
    -Sole: Tank Vibram sole 4.5mm


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    This ballerine flat is the ballet flat version of the Merry Jane Yrsa. The toes "cleavage" is rounded and more pronounced. Dressy and comfy.